31 October 2011

GlossyBox October

Today Yesterday I received my GlossyBox for the month of October, and I was very happy with the products I got this time :) For those who don’t know what GlossyBox is - it is a “surprise” box in which you receive every month at least 5 beauty products in Luxury Samples. It’s a good way to know new products in the market or try something new and different from your routine.

Normally, the box colour scheme is Pale Pink and Black, but because this month is Halloween time, Glossybox made the presentation in Black and Orange to celebrate the festivities and even include a cute recipe for a DIY pumpkin mask.

In the box I got: 

1 - Avéne Thermalwater Spray 50 ml

Great size for bag, refreshes skin, hydrates it, protects against sets your makeup - specially powder. It isn’t a new product to me though, I already have the full size bottle and I really like it!

2 - Dr. Babor - Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Cream (5-10 ml ???)
It’s a Hyaluron type of creme, like the name says, promises a boost of collagen that will make you skin look fresh and young - “restructure and plump up the skin from inside” says on the box. Let’s see if this will work... I’m kinda afraid of getting hooked on this product, the full size jar (50 ml) is scaring 92 euros!!

3 - Misslyn Sweet Lips Lipgloss (Full Size Product)
Red-ish lipgloss with golden sparkles, it’s overall a decent lipgloss, good pigmentation, not sticky, has a good fruit-strawberry-like taste, and lasts about 2-3 hours, but I wasn’t so impressed about it. The packaging is really different, on a more practical side than fancy I’d say, really perfect for jeans pockets and on the go, something you’d happily throw in your bag for the day. The colour is very glamorous, it instantly adds a polished and sexy touch to your look.

4 - Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment  10 ml
The well known Moroccan Oil finally made it to the GlossyBox Germany and I’m very happy to see this little bottle in my box! I actually know Moroccan Oil for a long time, over a year, and I have the big 100 ml bottle, but I’ll gladly put this luxus sample in a Xmas gift box and spread the love :) The Moroccan Oil makes your hair soft and smooth like anything else!

5 - OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath  3.75ml
What a cute bottle! The raved Bubble Bath nail varnish shade appeared in good time! I was wanted to try this colour out, but I still hesitated about giving 16 euros for a NUDE PINK BASIC colour varnish... Some youtubers and bloggers swear by by polish! Let’s see if I like it! I wish they could sell nail polish this size, it’s so much more practical, especially for crazy colours and try something new you aren’t sure about, either because of the colour or the price tag.

That’s all! This box gets a BIG THUMBS UP from me, even tough I know most of the products, the selection of brands, types of products and colours was really exciting!

Have you used any of this products? Do you like the beauty box idea? 
What you got in your GlossyBox?


29 October 2011

Make-up without Mirror

Good result??? Let me know LOL

Catrice Nail Polish "Rusty but Sexy"

Catrice Rusty but Sexy (560) nail varnish is one of the new shades for the Autumn Collection and it follows the Orange trend for this season. It is a metallic shade that it isn't so stricky and the colour is vibrant, exactly as seen in the bottle. The brush is wider than an average one and makes the application easy and fast. The photo below was taken in natural light and  there I sport only 1 coat of this polish.


 What do you think? Too Summer? So Autumn?  
Leave your opinion in the commentary link below

27 October 2011

Benefit Cha Cha Tint Lip & Cheek Stain

Out and about at my local Sephora Douglas in Nuremberg, I couldn’t refrain to approach the Benefit counter and I ended up getting the new Benefit Cha Cha Tint, a stain for cheek and lips.

Similar to the Benefit Benetint and Posietint in concept and packaging but not in colour, Cha Cha Tint is a orange based tint, which suits naturally yellow based skin tone, like mine. With no shimmers in the formula, it produces a beautiful and natural flush of colour when blended in, and works well as a warm undertone for those super duper cool colour blusher you can’t pull off.  You can totally match it with matte or shimmery bronzers for a super cute bronzed Caribbean look, you do feel like coming back from holidays. Thumbs up for great product! 

Product without blending
Heavily swatched and blended
Lightly Swatched and blended
The traditional “nail polish” packaging for all benefit tints is a bit remarkable, yet not so practical, in my humble opinion. I’d be happier with a squeeze tube. Another point that I don’t like is how quick you have to work it in your skin and at the same time, avoid to get it messy. You ought to find the perfect blending motion, to make it blending even in your skin, that doesn’t take more than 5 seconds. It is a stain product, and once stricky, stricky it will be. So, don’t pain it on your cheeks and give your eyelashes a check, because you might end up with some orange dots on your face. 
Once perfectly applied, it will last you the WHOLE day. you can even scrub your face on a towel (I did it!) and it will of course fade, but something will be left there. I actually tested on my arm and I forgot to wash off the swatch, went to bed and voila, the swatch was still there :) 
But make sure you wash your fingers very well if you use them for application, because it will stain it badly! I don’t recommend natural hair bristle brush for this product, unless you want an orange brush.

I also tested on my lips, but it faded (beautifully, I’d say) to nothing in 3 hours. But I’m a huge constant water trinker, and it can be that the often saliva and water contact will take it off. It's a great option for the Orange-Lips trend, but not so bold :)

Do you own Cha Cha Tint? Any Benefit Tint Stains? Anything similar? Let me know, I’m getting to know this type of product!

25 October 2011

Unexpected Haul - 25.10.2011

Today I went to the doctor (physician) and on the way back, I ended up buying some goodies...

From Müller (Fancy Drugstore), I got two glass nail files from Fingrs, because I stupidly broke my former one in 4 pieces, when I drop on floor on my way out home. Now I solved this problem buying two, and one in pocket size, perfect to put in my bag :) 

I also got two Garnier products, a eye roll-on thing and another roll-on with Pro-Retinol for face and neck. I really like the roll-on stuff, I have the Eye Roll-on Concealer 2-in-1 and I love it, it’s extremelly practical in the morning, gives you awesome coverage for dark circle, doesn’t crease during the day, fight puffiness, very moisturising and it’s a eye cream, what else would you ask for? So I reckon I’d give a try to the roll-on without the concealer tint for night time and the retinol roll-on was just so appealing, especially those nights I’m very lazy to slap my serums and moisturisers on my face. Have you used these roll-on before? What do you think?
At Bijou Brigitte (a German Accesories Shop, like Accesorize, not so trendy though) I got a bead for my Pandora bracelet and 2 rings. The bead is made of sterling Silver with gold platting and some crystal, I found it very cute and elegant (I don’t like too much bedazzle and hanging stuff on my jewelry) and the gold-platting was so appealing! One golden bead at Pandora is more than 70 euros, and this general one was 7,95 euros :) A fraction! 
The rings are nothing very special, but I like the “wedding band-look” ring, simple and elegant, but looks expensive :) So I got one sterling silver gold-crushed look and the other one is more vintage look, with detailing all around and a Onyx Stone in the middle (black zirkonia). 

At H&M I got some undies for half price, as well as a cream lace dress I found on the floor with no tag in the sale area - who are the bitches ladies leaving clothes on the floor?? it drives me crazy - so I took the poor dress and it begged to be taken home like a puppy, it had no defects, and in my size, I said, why not, if it’s not too expensive. At the till I found out it was before 34,99 and it now was ONLY 6,99. It was a veeeery happy moment. I’m not sure how I can style it now in Fall/Winter time, any suggestions? It’s not very thick, but the it’s knee length.

And then suddenly I thought it would be cool to have red skinny jeans, only because I saw earlier Michele1218 on youtube talking about red jeans, and looking carefully I found one on sale, the last one, and in my size!!! For 14,95 euros!!! The quality isn’t super great but to give it a try is more than fair I think. It was a happy H&M day.
Last but not least, I decided to give New Yorker a try (it’s a Primark type of store, but the things normally aren’t so cool) and browsing without anything in mind, I spotted THE Clutch. 
It’s a fake leather green envelope clutch with golden hardware and vintage feelings. It looks so adorable and so in, I guess we will have good times together. For only 12,99 I couldn’t pass it. I’m not a huge fan of the hardware, but tucking it in or with the right style, it can actually look nice.  What you think? red skinny jeans and green clutch? Inspiration anyone? Let me know!  

22 October 2011

Burberry Touch for Women Eau de Parfum

I always prefer perfume to EDT or body sprays because I think they are too “expensive”. If you consider they don’t hold, normally, the fragrance on skin for long period of times, and you can end up using EDT more or faster than a Perfume, why should I go for them?... Does that make any sense?  

Anyway, for me, buying a Perfume is a better investment than a EDT or body Sprays, personal preference. Now onto the star of this post.

Burberry Touch for Women is one of my favorite Perfumes, it’s a timeless fragrance, very fresh and fruity, but at the same time complex and young. I’m not an expert at describing Perfumes, so here is the description from Burberry website:

  • A fruity, vibrant fragrance of California orange, blackcurrant, dewberry and subtle rose oil
  • Fresh top notes of seductive jasmine, Madonna lily and tuberose with a delicate hint of peach and raspberry
  • Cedar wood, oak moss and vanilla complement the fruity notes, adding a soothing warmth
I couldn’t agree any less than this description. The chemistry between my skin and this perfume is very nice and I get a lot of compliments when I use it. It’s quite an everyday-daytime perfume, not intrusive neither you leave a stinky track wherever you go. It’s feminine in its essence without being too sweet or girly.

The packaging is quite in my taste as well - clean and timeless, with easy but strong shape to the bottle, with a wood lid that retreats some kind of cosiness and warmth, and altogether with this pale pink liquid produces a very nice composition. The box that it comes in is very “British-y”
with the signature Burberry chess pattern and an old-fashion envelope detail at the top.

In my opinion, this perfume is very underrated, never seen anyone talking about it, and I actually discovered it in 2009 when I ran out of my J’adore perfume bottle (My Ultimate Favorite Signature Perfume), and at the airport duty free I saw the Burberry Touch on sale, 25% off. Beside the seducing price tag, it was love at first snif!!! LOL. This is my 3rd bottle already (they usually last me a year) and I got again at the duty free with 40% off for, chocking, 35 pounds. For 100ml Perfume!!! Everytime I bought it it was on sale (at least at the airport) and it’s very difficult to find it in normal stores, but I totally recommend it!

What’s your favorite fragrance? Have you ever used Touch by Burberry? Do you own any Burberry perfumes? Leave a comment below!

21 October 2011

| Review | Lush Dark Angels Facial Scrub Cleanser

We all love the Lush Bath Bombs and Soups Soaps , but have you tried the skincare line? If not, you’d be surprised! I was there at the Lush store to buy a birthday gift for a friend, but I wasn’t sure what to buy, and took a careful look at almost everything in the store, when I I suddenly faced a little bow with some “mud” in it. I thought it was funny looking, and curiosity led my fingers to the wet earthy consistency, and my eyes to the the description (badly translated from German):

“Deep cleansing Rhassoul Clay, “de-greased” Charcoal and Black Sugar move out dirt, excess oil from the skin, while Avocado Oil moisturises it”

At the shop, I didn’t know what Rhassoul Clay was, or that we could clean your face with Charcoal, but the dirt and oil remove part was appealing to me and I got it anyway. Then at home, I asked my friend google and after a bit browsing, I found a good definition: “Rhassoul clay is (...) a clay from Morocco that has been used for 1,400 years to cleanse and detox the face and body, and as a shampoo”1

In general clays are a good cleanser, especially against oiliness and impurities, and there are tons of products from Clay in the market. But it’s claimed that Rhassoul Clay is finer (the earth grain) and has properties to balance the natural face oils. I couldn’t find any further information on Charcoal properties, but a surprisingly number of companies carry a product or two with “Activated” Charcoal, and there are many Japanese Charcoal soaps out there, and all seem to be very popular already. I kind of felt alone in the dark, the last one to know about this new thing with Black Clays and Chacoals - 1400 years out there and only now I got to know it? Pffff... Anyway, the sugar and avocado oil you can guess already what is for - scrubbing and moisturising.

Instructions are to apply it mixed with your normal cleanser to face, massage and wash. And now you will ask (at least I thought!) - Why do I have to mix it with my cleanser? Isn’t it already a cleanser? Well, it is, but it is a bit on the dry side and doesn’t develop well on the skin without something more liquidy to spread around.

Positive points: After a fun moment in the bathroom - your face covered in BLACK MUD, you don’t feel like cleansing at all - I washed my face and I fell in love instantly. My face was never so smooth, even and moisturised at same like after using this product. It really made a good impression and I noticed the next day that a pimple that was coming in the evening was totally gone in the morning. I thought it could be disconnected, but decided to investigate further. I had a sort of small pimple (a lump) on my shoulder and I scrub a bit of Dark Angels on it, left for 5 minutos and washed. And Voilá, the next day was gone. I tested the third time, after 2 weeks, and the pimple vanished. I don’t know what is inside it, but it makes my pimples disappear overnight. It totally achieved what it promises with a Acne Disappearing Act. And I like very much Lush because it has no “dangerous” substances, a true Vegan product, and Lush is a company pro-animals, fair trade, and human rights.

Negative points: It is messy. You need to scoop from the little jar, and by mixing with cleanser, it falls on the bath, shower curtains, sink, and you need to wash them well afterwards, otherwise it looks dirty :) I also find the quantity provided too much for the suitable time to be used up. Unless I use it everyday for my whole body, I would not finish it in time. And considering that Lush products are natural, without harsh conservants and ingredients, I’d not be happy to smear something bad on my skin. I’m keeping my jar in the fridge, since I reached the “best before” date.

Overall, I love it and I totally recommend it to people with (and/or) Problem, Combination, Oily, Acne Prone Skin, and I’m definitely repurchasing it! Holy Grail.

Do you know or use anything similar? Do you own Dark Angels? Do you use any other Lush Skincare product?? I’m dying to know!

What it is: Skincare, Scrub, Cleanser
Skin Types: Problem, Combination, Oily, Acne Prone Skin
Weight: 100g, in Jar
How much: 9,95 euros
Where to find: Lush Stores and Online Stores. Go to www.lush.com and find your country!

16 October 2011

|Haul| |Review| Sleek Makeup - Au Naturel collection and more

I think it's time for you to know that I love Sleek Makeup products, and one of my all time favorite products is The Face Contour Kit. But today I'm here to show you the new stuff I got recently from the new Au Naturel Nude Collection (NC).

This collection had immediatly caught my eyes as soon as I saw the promo and first swatches, firstly because I'm really into soft and natural make-up for daytime and secondly because I was really curious about how the Au Naturel eyeshadow palette would compare to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, being both in the same makeup territory. 

Here is a overview of what I got: 
Left to Right, clockwise: Rose Gold Blush (PL), Suede Blush (NC), Aruba Blush (CC),
Au Naturel Eyeshadow Palette (NC), Lip Conditioner Powder Pink (PL) and Lip Conditioner Peach Perfection (PL) 

I actually ended up getting other products from the Permanent Line (PL) and Caribbean Collection (CC). These are things I've been eyeing for a long time, but didn't want to pay the shipping price for 2 tinted lip conditioners, silly as it sounds. There no Sleek Make-up in stores in Germany, like in UK, which makes my product purchases from this brand very planned  and researched, before-hand.

Starting, with the lip conditioners: I've already have one of those, in Perfect Plum, bought a long time ago, and I have a great experience with it, it is very pigmented for a lip conditioner and very moisturising at the same time, so you can get the best of a lipstick with the properties of a lip balm and stay with well cared lips everyday.

Peach Perfection is a beautiful peach shade, as the name says, creamy and not shimmery, but this colour is lighter than my natural lip colour, and the product tend to sit in the fine lines, not so flattering, but I can still use it over concealed lips.

Left: Powder Pink, Right: Peach Perfect
Powder Pink is a warm toned soft pink shade that matches very well with my tan complexion, making my lips pouty and soft looking. Very girly looking! And here is a lame picture, with bad lighting, of my tired face, with Powder Pink on. 

Now onto the Blushes: 3 beautiful shades, each very different from the other - that's very me. :)  Aruba is a screaming orange shade, and in real life and daytime it is much brigher in the pan than in this foto. It is a bit scary, but I like to live dangerously (???) and went ahead and got it on my cheeks yesterday and I can say, with light hand and on yellow medium-dark skin tones, this look heavenly. For this blush, I specially recommend an application with stippling brush, for a very light and difused colour. The consistency is very matte and powdery and I like to set it with a setting spray for a bit of dewy.

Left to Right: Aruba (CC), Suede (NC), Rose Gold (PL) 
Close up: Aruba Blush

Next shade is from the Nude Collection and it's Suede. It's a brown based tone Blush, totally matte, but it doesn't come so powdery like Aruba and if well blended, it does look like natural flush of colour and gives you an easy face definition and tanned effect in seconds. On my olive skin tone, the first application is very subtle, but it's very pigmented and you could easily build it up. It's a good contouring shade as well.

Close-up: Suede

The last Blusher is Rose Gold. This is GORGEOUS, AWESOME, BEAUTIFUL. I don't have enough words to describe it. Th name chosen for this Blush is simple yet describes it very true to reality - it's Rose and it's Gold. The shimmer is heavily packed, but the powder is finely milled and gives you a very beautiful golden highlight on the cheeks. The rose undertone comes better in natural light, but overall, mixed with the golden shimmer, it produces a intense peach shade that instantly revives your complexion. I don't own Nars orgasm, but I would consider this a very good "dupe" or a good option along the lines. The packaging for all the Sleek Makeup Blushes are very high quality, all come with a huge mirror, and 8g of product - this will last you forever!

Close-up: Rose Gold
Swatch: Left to right - Aruba, Suede, Rose Gold
Swatch: Aruba and Suede

 Last but not least: The Au Naturel Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette! 

It comes with 12 shades, as usual in Sleek palettes, and above you can see the name of shades. (You can click on the pictures for bigger photos). The first row has a skin based combination, with different based tones that varies from white, grey to yellow peach shades, as the second row has a dark brown selection.

Nougat M, Nubuck M, Cappucino M
Conker SM, Moss SM, Bark M
Honeycomb M, Toast M, Taupe SM/G,
Mineral Earth SM, Regal M, Noir M

From 12 shades, you get 8 Matte (as indicated in the picture caption) and 4 Shimmery Shades, that makes me very happy. I was kind of not so in love with my Urban Decay Naked Palette because I think it has too many shimmery/glittery shades for daytime and/or work (Personal preference, I still love it, but more for weekends and going out looks) and I wanted to be able to create even softer looks with this Sleek Palette, and all the matte shades come just in hand. Nougat is a matte off-white, Nubuck is a very light grey, Cappucino is my exact skin tone - perfect for crease colour blending and No Makeup Looks, Honeycomb is a pale yellow shade and Taupe is a not actually so Taupe like I know - this brown, grey, purply colour, that fascinates our eyes - it's more a dark-ish champagne colour with A LOT of shimmer. I'd say it's a bit glittery, because it's chunky when you load it on the brush, but the application is smooth and it blends very well.

Close-up: Taupe
Conker is a golden shimmering warm brown, and very powdery. Moss, my favourite shade of all, is a pretty warm green based olive shade, with a golden satin sheen, and it's a perfect colour family match to my olive skin! When I apply it on my lids, it appears very soft and yet dark, with a gorgeous golden reflection, it makes my eyelids glow with natural effects. I can imagine this shade coming a bit greener or mustardy on paler skin tones but still gorgeous - It's a very autumny/ fall shade. Bark is a yellow based matte brown.

Close-up: Moss and Conker
Mineral Earth is a cool brown with golden/silver shimmer, and this mixture of cool and warm tones results in a quite neutral shade. Regal is cool/neutral dark brown, perfect for crease and shading, and lastly and awesome, Moir, a ol' good matte intense Black shade. 

Close-up: Mineral Earth - interesting. 
 And here are the swatches. I have Olive Skin Complexion, Medium Tan shade, Yellow Undertone, for reference - MAC NC37/NC40, Chanel 037, Estee Lauder Shell Beige 4W, Revlon Colorstay 330 Natural Tan, Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse 048 Sun Beige.

Left to Right: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast,Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir
Top to borrow: Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb, Toast,Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir

 As you can see, the light shades don't show off so much against my skin tone, but it makes a good job for eye sculpting and brightening, as well as blending colour out. You also get an idea how intense shimmery Taupe is - it's the brightest shade of all.

Moss, Bark, Mineral Earth, Regal, Noir
Toast,Taupe, Conker, Moss, Bark 
Nougat, Nubuck, Cappuccino, Honeycomb
 Overall, I love this palette very very much and I used everyday for the last week, and I can guarantee it's a incredible investment, good value for money makeup product, that you will find yourself using everyday. It's just love in pan!

I hope you enjoy! Do you have a Sleek Palette or product? Do you also love it or not?