27 October 2011

Benefit Cha Cha Tint Lip & Cheek Stain

Out and about at my local Sephora Douglas in Nuremberg, I couldn’t refrain to approach the Benefit counter and I ended up getting the new Benefit Cha Cha Tint, a stain for cheek and lips.

Similar to the Benefit Benetint and Posietint in concept and packaging but not in colour, Cha Cha Tint is a orange based tint, which suits naturally yellow based skin tone, like mine. With no shimmers in the formula, it produces a beautiful and natural flush of colour when blended in, and works well as a warm undertone for those super duper cool colour blusher you can’t pull off.  You can totally match it with matte or shimmery bronzers for a super cute bronzed Caribbean look, you do feel like coming back from holidays. Thumbs up for great product! 

Product without blending
Heavily swatched and blended
Lightly Swatched and blended
The traditional “nail polish” packaging for all benefit tints is a bit remarkable, yet not so practical, in my humble opinion. I’d be happier with a squeeze tube. Another point that I don’t like is how quick you have to work it in your skin and at the same time, avoid to get it messy. You ought to find the perfect blending motion, to make it blending even in your skin, that doesn’t take more than 5 seconds. It is a stain product, and once stricky, stricky it will be. So, don’t pain it on your cheeks and give your eyelashes a check, because you might end up with some orange dots on your face. 
Once perfectly applied, it will last you the WHOLE day. you can even scrub your face on a towel (I did it!) and it will of course fade, but something will be left there. I actually tested on my arm and I forgot to wash off the swatch, went to bed and voila, the swatch was still there :) 
But make sure you wash your fingers very well if you use them for application, because it will stain it badly! I don’t recommend natural hair bristle brush for this product, unless you want an orange brush.

I also tested on my lips, but it faded (beautifully, I’d say) to nothing in 3 hours. But I’m a huge constant water trinker, and it can be that the often saliva and water contact will take it off. It's a great option for the Orange-Lips trend, but not so bold :)

Do you own Cha Cha Tint? Any Benefit Tint Stains? Anything similar? Let me know, I’m getting to know this type of product!


  1. Gostei, bastante diferente esse produto! Tem algum similar pra meu tom de pele? (estilo branco escritório). Bjs! ;)

  2. Tem sim Jenny, é o Poise Tint que tem como base a cor rosa e é da mesma marca. Ai no Brasil vende Benefit? Ou alguma outra marca que tenha algo parecido?

  3. Oh this would be ideal for my skin, I must check it out!

  4. Great review! I don't like that it's a brush applicator like that... I have a Tarte stain that I LOVE!


  5. Por aqui eu nunca vi essa marca. Não sei se em alguma importadora tem...

  6. @Daisy: If yout try this out, let us know, it could look really lovely!

  7. @habbot2: I'd love to try out the Tarte stain, but we don't have it in Germany, must check some American websites, do you know any good one?

  8. @Jenny: Vou dar uma procurada pelos sites do Brasil, se eu achar eu te falo, bjsss