22 October 2011

Burberry Touch for Women Eau de Parfum

I always prefer perfume to EDT or body sprays because I think they are too “expensive”. If you consider they don’t hold, normally, the fragrance on skin for long period of times, and you can end up using EDT more or faster than a Perfume, why should I go for them?... Does that make any sense?  

Anyway, for me, buying a Perfume is a better investment than a EDT or body Sprays, personal preference. Now onto the star of this post.

Burberry Touch for Women is one of my favorite Perfumes, it’s a timeless fragrance, very fresh and fruity, but at the same time complex and young. I’m not an expert at describing Perfumes, so here is the description from Burberry website:

  • A fruity, vibrant fragrance of California orange, blackcurrant, dewberry and subtle rose oil
  • Fresh top notes of seductive jasmine, Madonna lily and tuberose with a delicate hint of peach and raspberry
  • Cedar wood, oak moss and vanilla complement the fruity notes, adding a soothing warmth
I couldn’t agree any less than this description. The chemistry between my skin and this perfume is very nice and I get a lot of compliments when I use it. It’s quite an everyday-daytime perfume, not intrusive neither you leave a stinky track wherever you go. It’s feminine in its essence without being too sweet or girly.

The packaging is quite in my taste as well - clean and timeless, with easy but strong shape to the bottle, with a wood lid that retreats some kind of cosiness and warmth, and altogether with this pale pink liquid produces a very nice composition. The box that it comes in is very “British-y”
with the signature Burberry chess pattern and an old-fashion envelope detail at the top.

In my opinion, this perfume is very underrated, never seen anyone talking about it, and I actually discovered it in 2009 when I ran out of my J’adore perfume bottle (My Ultimate Favorite Signature Perfume), and at the airport duty free I saw the Burberry Touch on sale, 25% off. Beside the seducing price tag, it was love at first snif!!! LOL. This is my 3rd bottle already (they usually last me a year) and I got again at the duty free with 40% off for, chocking, 35 pounds. For 100ml Perfume!!! Everytime I bought it it was on sale (at least at the airport) and it’s very difficult to find it in normal stores, but I totally recommend it!

What’s your favorite fragrance? Have you ever used Touch by Burberry? Do you own any Burberry perfumes? Leave a comment below!

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