31 October 2011

GlossyBox October

Today Yesterday I received my GlossyBox for the month of October, and I was very happy with the products I got this time :) For those who don’t know what GlossyBox is - it is a “surprise” box in which you receive every month at least 5 beauty products in Luxury Samples. It’s a good way to know new products in the market or try something new and different from your routine.

Normally, the box colour scheme is Pale Pink and Black, but because this month is Halloween time, Glossybox made the presentation in Black and Orange to celebrate the festivities and even include a cute recipe for a DIY pumpkin mask.

In the box I got: 

1 - Avéne Thermalwater Spray 50 ml

Great size for bag, refreshes skin, hydrates it, protects against sets your makeup - specially powder. It isn’t a new product to me though, I already have the full size bottle and I really like it!

2 - Dr. Babor - Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Cream (5-10 ml ???)
It’s a Hyaluron type of creme, like the name says, promises a boost of collagen that will make you skin look fresh and young - “restructure and plump up the skin from inside” says on the box. Let’s see if this will work... I’m kinda afraid of getting hooked on this product, the full size jar (50 ml) is scaring 92 euros!!

3 - Misslyn Sweet Lips Lipgloss (Full Size Product)
Red-ish lipgloss with golden sparkles, it’s overall a decent lipgloss, good pigmentation, not sticky, has a good fruit-strawberry-like taste, and lasts about 2-3 hours, but I wasn’t so impressed about it. The packaging is really different, on a more practical side than fancy I’d say, really perfect for jeans pockets and on the go, something you’d happily throw in your bag for the day. The colour is very glamorous, it instantly adds a polished and sexy touch to your look.

4 - Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment  10 ml
The well known Moroccan Oil finally made it to the GlossyBox Germany and I’m very happy to see this little bottle in my box! I actually know Moroccan Oil for a long time, over a year, and I have the big 100 ml bottle, but I’ll gladly put this luxus sample in a Xmas gift box and spread the love :) The Moroccan Oil makes your hair soft and smooth like anything else!

5 - OPI Nail Lacquer in Bubble Bath  3.75ml
What a cute bottle! The raved Bubble Bath nail varnish shade appeared in good time! I was wanted to try this colour out, but I still hesitated about giving 16 euros for a NUDE PINK BASIC colour varnish... Some youtubers and bloggers swear by by polish! Let’s see if I like it! I wish they could sell nail polish this size, it’s so much more practical, especially for crazy colours and try something new you aren’t sure about, either because of the colour or the price tag.

That’s all! This box gets a BIG THUMBS UP from me, even tough I know most of the products, the selection of brands, types of products and colours was really exciting!

Have you used any of this products? Do you like the beauty box idea? 
What you got in your GlossyBox?


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  1. It looks like you got a nice box! I get the Birchbox and have so far been satisfied with it.