21 October 2011

| Review | Lush Dark Angels Facial Scrub Cleanser

We all love the Lush Bath Bombs and Soups Soaps , but have you tried the skincare line? If not, you’d be surprised! I was there at the Lush store to buy a birthday gift for a friend, but I wasn’t sure what to buy, and took a careful look at almost everything in the store, when I I suddenly faced a little bow with some “mud” in it. I thought it was funny looking, and curiosity led my fingers to the wet earthy consistency, and my eyes to the the description (badly translated from German):

“Deep cleansing Rhassoul Clay, “de-greased” Charcoal and Black Sugar move out dirt, excess oil from the skin, while Avocado Oil moisturises it”

At the shop, I didn’t know what Rhassoul Clay was, or that we could clean your face with Charcoal, but the dirt and oil remove part was appealing to me and I got it anyway. Then at home, I asked my friend google and after a bit browsing, I found a good definition: “Rhassoul clay is (...) a clay from Morocco that has been used for 1,400 years to cleanse and detox the face and body, and as a shampoo”1

In general clays are a good cleanser, especially against oiliness and impurities, and there are tons of products from Clay in the market. But it’s claimed that Rhassoul Clay is finer (the earth grain) and has properties to balance the natural face oils. I couldn’t find any further information on Charcoal properties, but a surprisingly number of companies carry a product or two with “Activated” Charcoal, and there are many Japanese Charcoal soaps out there, and all seem to be very popular already. I kind of felt alone in the dark, the last one to know about this new thing with Black Clays and Chacoals - 1400 years out there and only now I got to know it? Pffff... Anyway, the sugar and avocado oil you can guess already what is for - scrubbing and moisturising.

Instructions are to apply it mixed with your normal cleanser to face, massage and wash. And now you will ask (at least I thought!) - Why do I have to mix it with my cleanser? Isn’t it already a cleanser? Well, it is, but it is a bit on the dry side and doesn’t develop well on the skin without something more liquidy to spread around.

Positive points: After a fun moment in the bathroom - your face covered in BLACK MUD, you don’t feel like cleansing at all - I washed my face and I fell in love instantly. My face was never so smooth, even and moisturised at same like after using this product. It really made a good impression and I noticed the next day that a pimple that was coming in the evening was totally gone in the morning. I thought it could be disconnected, but decided to investigate further. I had a sort of small pimple (a lump) on my shoulder and I scrub a bit of Dark Angels on it, left for 5 minutos and washed. And Voilá, the next day was gone. I tested the third time, after 2 weeks, and the pimple vanished. I don’t know what is inside it, but it makes my pimples disappear overnight. It totally achieved what it promises with a Acne Disappearing Act. And I like very much Lush because it has no “dangerous” substances, a true Vegan product, and Lush is a company pro-animals, fair trade, and human rights.

Negative points: It is messy. You need to scoop from the little jar, and by mixing with cleanser, it falls on the bath, shower curtains, sink, and you need to wash them well afterwards, otherwise it looks dirty :) I also find the quantity provided too much for the suitable time to be used up. Unless I use it everyday for my whole body, I would not finish it in time. And considering that Lush products are natural, without harsh conservants and ingredients, I’d not be happy to smear something bad on my skin. I’m keeping my jar in the fridge, since I reached the “best before” date.

Overall, I love it and I totally recommend it to people with (and/or) Problem, Combination, Oily, Acne Prone Skin, and I’m definitely repurchasing it! Holy Grail.

Do you know or use anything similar? Do you own Dark Angels? Do you use any other Lush Skincare product?? I’m dying to know!

What it is: Skincare, Scrub, Cleanser
Skin Types: Problem, Combination, Oily, Acne Prone Skin
Weight: 100g, in Jar
How much: 9,95 euros
Where to find: Lush Stores and Online Stores. Go to www.lush.com and find your country!

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