10 October 2011

Smooth-365 Peptide Serum from Good Skin Labs

Whenever I go to the fancy drugstores/cosmetic stores, I must look like a 4 year old in a candy shop. Especially if it is the skincare area, and more specifically Serums, Peelings, Scrubs or anything saying “corrector” or “smooth”.  

As soon as I saw the Good Skin Labs shelves at Douglas (the German version of Sephora) I was immediately attracted to the brand’s new serum, the Smooth 365. The brand itself has gained some space in the market with their famous Tri-Aktiline cream, as I had seen already in UK, at Boots. But I never had a specific desire to plump/correct/filling in wrinkles, because I don’t have them YET. (Let’s praise the Lord and the Sunscreen now.) But the Smooth 365, as the names gives a clue, is an everyday serum, which promises even skin tone and smoother surface with immediate and long term effects.

Now, I am a convicted sceptical, and my rational brain side DID NOT BELIEVE it would do the trick. I mean, my dark spots and scars are here for a couple of years already, how could a cream cover the pigmentation and give my skin peach texture in seconds?  On the packaging states 71% people agreed with “immediate effects”, further states that users in a research after 4 weeks using it noticed an incredible smooth feeling and after 8 weeks 52% could see a reduce in wrinkles and fine lines. After those facts rubbing on my face, my sentimental brain side saw shimmering magic spell dust around the cream tube, and made sure it was in my shopping basket in less than 3 seconds.

After leaving 30 euros at the till, I went home happy as a girl can be and at night, first tried the baby. And magic happened, at least half of it. After applying evenly on face and neck, I noticed my skin INCREDIBLE smooth to the touch and relatively smooth visually as well. I did not notice any help with my pigmentation, but it was bed time, and I couldn’t be bothered. The consistency first impressions are very silicone-bomb and light gel, but it will be absorbed by your skin in a few seconds leaving none of grease film feeling, but fresh and clean skin with no fragances.

In the morning I repeated the same process, the same effects from the previous night and at day light, only with the serum itself onto skin, I couldn’t notice prompt dark spot fading, BUT when I put my BB cream, I couldn’t see a flaw, for the first time I missed the face concealer. I kept using it religiously day and night time and also noticed I was almost going through a tube pretty fast, less than a month, and I decided to use it only at day time, because I was already using my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum and my Avene Glycolic Acid Peel anyway, and thought it was too much stuff at night already.

Checking the Good Skin Labs website I found the following extract:

2. Optical diffusers instantly, weightlessly and invisibly blur imperfections, lines and wrinkles.
3. High-tech power peptides – in an effective delivery system – surge on to wrinkles, helping skin to boost its natural collagen production that helps keep skin firm and less lined.

Optical diffusers isn’t clear to me what it should be, but whatever it is, it is working to my eyes perception. And Peptides are basically Proteins, which help your skin regenerate, as it produces more collagen. If you want to know more about the ingredients and how it works, visit the webpage

It’s been 2 months now - about 9 weeks - and I’m very happy with this serum! I like the consistency, no smells, it does (Kinda) what it says in the packaging and I do noticed a huge improvement in my skin clarity and texture since I started using it. Do use other products for my pigmentation and texture, but none of them delivered better and faster results like the Smooth 365. It also works as a great makeup primer! Isn’t it great? even if you don’t suffer of major skin problems like me, it’s a serum that improves the overall skin appearance and I feel most of people could benefit from it. And I just bought my 2nd tube! 

Do you use any correcting/ smothing serum? Do you know any dupes for it? Have ever used this product?

What it is: Skincare, Serum
Brand: Good Skin Labs
Size: 30ml
Consistency, colour: light cream, gel, transparent
Price: 29,90 euros
Where to find: Douglas (Germany), Boots (UK), for more information about other countries, visit the website

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