14 October 2011

|TAG| What is in my bag?

I'm always curious to know what in other people's bag! I believe you can get to know a lot a person, looking at what she carries with her at all times!

And that's my bag I used for the past week: It's a Louis Vuitton, Batignolles Horizontal. It looks kind of small but it finds a lot inside, so it's perfect for work. I don't own a lot of designer bags and purses, but I think it's a good investment buy a good quality, chic and now classic bag that you can keep for decades and be able to use it at all times.

So, here is the bag:

And what it looks inside - actually, my only negative point for this bag is that it's an open bag, no zipers, and it leaves what's inside quite revealing to other people, if you aren't careful. I would not recommend it for people who live/commute in areas where there are a lot of pick -pocket/bag robbers.... or crowded subways/buses!

And here is everything that is inside my bag!!! Isn't it a lot?

1, It's the bag and has been already introduced :) 
2. SO NOT GLAMOUROUS - a container with cereal cookies! these are my 3pm snack at the office! 
3.Hand Sanitizer (this word looks funny somehow) - A greek one, had to buy when I was in Creta.
4. My makeup bag - You would be surprised how much there is in there, but that's another post.
5. Girly bag - pads, tampons and wipes - always prepared for accidents and help others. 
6. My previous wallet - It's from New Look, so cute, and very affordable but it became really small, and I got a new bigger one recently.
7. A pencil case - required for my profession, or just a burst of creativity, drawing and sketching at any time is required - with some pencils and drawing pens. 
8. A random elastic band - from work.
9. My Agenda /Calendar / Diary / Notebook - It's a-day-a-page agenda from Moleskine for 2011 - red and classic. I'm sort of old-fashioned when it comes to be organized and writing down stuff and to-do lists. 
10. A 4GB SD Memory Card in a case - who knows when you need a memory card??? lol
11.Chewing gum - highly important, must keep fresh breath at all times, specially after lunch. 
12.More random pens - that I threw in the bag. 
13. My mobile / Cell phone - It's a HTC HD2. I should write a post about it. It basically was a dream in the beginning but then it became a deception in the end. I also use it as my music player, and that's why I always carry my earphones with it. 
14. My passport - I normally don't carry my passport with me, but here in Germany I don't have any other identification, and that week I needed to present an ID somewhere. That bothers me a lot, but I'm getting a german driving license soon and this problem will be solved. :) The polka-dot red case thingy is from Primark! 
15. Random band-aids (or adhesive bandages, with you prefer the official name..) - For those painful shoe days! never knows! 
16. L'occitane Hand Cream 20% Shea Butter - divine!!! Totally recommend it! That's a small trial size, but I have the normal size as well.
17.Random lip glosses and balms - Eucerin, NYC plumping lipglosses and a MNY lipgloss - my everyday good to go shades! 
18. Keys! I don't have a keyrring though. I'm in search of  a nice one. 
19. Kinder Egg  Surprise Toy Shell - LOL I use it to keep some medicine in it , like painkillers, stomaches tablets and my fish oil capsules. 
20. Burt Bees Lemon Butter for cuticles and nails - Awesome too - highly recommeded, one of the few things that keep my cuticles nice looking during the week. 
21. Clinique mini pressed powder - Awesome for touch-ups and get rid of shine spots throughout the day, but I do have powders and blotting sheet in my makeup bag - a bit of overpacking maybe? 
22. A small mirror - again, checking things out, like teeth, make-up, disco ball face, and hair. 
23. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens - I tried to love it but I don't. I finished it already, but it wasn't my cup of tea. It's a classic though.
24. A bag-size Cosmopolitan Magazine, German October issue - to relax a bit and get up to date! 

That's it! I tag everybody that want to show a bit of  yourself and your stuff! 

Have a great day! 

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