25 October 2011

Unexpected Haul - 25.10.2011

Today I went to the doctor (physician) and on the way back, I ended up buying some goodies...

From Müller (Fancy Drugstore), I got two glass nail files from Fingrs, because I stupidly broke my former one in 4 pieces, when I drop on floor on my way out home. Now I solved this problem buying two, and one in pocket size, perfect to put in my bag :) 

I also got two Garnier products, a eye roll-on thing and another roll-on with Pro-Retinol for face and neck. I really like the roll-on stuff, I have the Eye Roll-on Concealer 2-in-1 and I love it, it’s extremelly practical in the morning, gives you awesome coverage for dark circle, doesn’t crease during the day, fight puffiness, very moisturising and it’s a eye cream, what else would you ask for? So I reckon I’d give a try to the roll-on without the concealer tint for night time and the retinol roll-on was just so appealing, especially those nights I’m very lazy to slap my serums and moisturisers on my face. Have you used these roll-on before? What do you think?
At Bijou Brigitte (a German Accesories Shop, like Accesorize, not so trendy though) I got a bead for my Pandora bracelet and 2 rings. The bead is made of sterling Silver with gold platting and some crystal, I found it very cute and elegant (I don’t like too much bedazzle and hanging stuff on my jewelry) and the gold-platting was so appealing! One golden bead at Pandora is more than 70 euros, and this general one was 7,95 euros :) A fraction! 
The rings are nothing very special, but I like the “wedding band-look” ring, simple and elegant, but looks expensive :) So I got one sterling silver gold-crushed look and the other one is more vintage look, with detailing all around and a Onyx Stone in the middle (black zirkonia). 

At H&M I got some undies for half price, as well as a cream lace dress I found on the floor with no tag in the sale area - who are the bitches ladies leaving clothes on the floor?? it drives me crazy - so I took the poor dress and it begged to be taken home like a puppy, it had no defects, and in my size, I said, why not, if it’s not too expensive. At the till I found out it was before 34,99 and it now was ONLY 6,99. It was a veeeery happy moment. I’m not sure how I can style it now in Fall/Winter time, any suggestions? It’s not very thick, but the it’s knee length.

And then suddenly I thought it would be cool to have red skinny jeans, only because I saw earlier Michele1218 on youtube talking about red jeans, and looking carefully I found one on sale, the last one, and in my size!!! For 14,95 euros!!! The quality isn’t super great but to give it a try is more than fair I think. It was a happy H&M day.
Last but not least, I decided to give New Yorker a try (it’s a Primark type of store, but the things normally aren’t so cool) and browsing without anything in mind, I spotted THE Clutch. 
It’s a fake leather green envelope clutch with golden hardware and vintage feelings. It looks so adorable and so in, I guess we will have good times together. For only 12,99 I couldn’t pass it. I’m not a huge fan of the hardware, but tucking it in or with the right style, it can actually look nice.  What you think? red skinny jeans and green clutch? Inspiration anyone? Let me know!  


  1. Adorei as comprinhas!!! Tenha um roll on desses da Revlon que comprei no Duty Free da Argentina. E a parada funciona a bateria e vibra enquanto vc passa sob os olhos, na região das olheiras. Os anéias são fofos, gostei mais do primeiro. O vestido eu gostei e foi um achado né! A calça eu não usaria, acho meio ousado demais pra mim, pela cor. Bjus!!!

  2. A calca vermelha esta super na moda aqui!!! Eu também achei meio cheguei no comeco, mas acho que agora estou mais corajosa hehe. Eu tinha uma calca vermelha quando eu tinha 11 anos!!! hehehe

  3. love the white dress! You're a bargain finder! I must go shopping with you.