29 November 2011

Question: NeoStrata Cosmetics??!!

This is probably very random, BUT,

Do you know a cosmetic brand called NeoStrata? Am I missing out something? 

Today I received a newsletter from a trustyworthy Ebay Seller with the new products available and they featured a lot of NeoStrata products,  like AHA Peelings, Skin Correctors and Regenerators... I was automatically caught by them so I googled their website, and apparently, they are really big in the U.S. and Australia, one product "won" Best Beauty Buy from InStyle Magazine and they are over 75 countries.  I can't even believe never head of it before!

Well, researching a bit about some products, I found out they have a OK performance, but couldn't find anything really Miraculous. So I want to hear from you!

Have you heard of this brand? Have you used any products from NeoStrata? 

I'm kind of curious, But I want to get a bit more ground to give it a try. 
I'd love to hear you! Your comments make my day! 


27 November 2011

I'm a Material Girl : Ultimate Extended Wishlist and the 10th item!

Hey gorgeous people, how are you doing? I've been MIA but I'm back, last week at work was tough and I'm trying to get back into the blog routine. 

Today I'm here to share my Ultimate Extended Wishlist! Christmas is coming soon and it's the time of the year to splurge. I actually mentioned a Wishlist in my Microdermabrasion post, but it was only a list in my head, and I decided to make it written and visual - I can get a bit more focused in the next years and help beloved ones to choose something that I actually want. So with no more ado, here it is: 

Attention! Expensive Pieces below! 

1. PMD Microdermabrasion Set - US $179 http://personalmicroderm.com/

Right now they are offering 20% off with the code PMDBFCM20 for Black Friday Sale, until Monday, the 28th November! This saves you 35 Dollars, so don't miss out this opportunity!!! I guess, this item will be crossed out from my list in a couple of hours! 

2. Black Leather Jacket  €150-250 average

This is such a basic staple piece in your wardrobe, yet I don't have it! Although I have a few faux leather jackets in Tan and Grey-Olive, I'm always creating outfits in which a BLACK leather jacket would be just perfect! A real leather Jacket costs a lot, but also would last you a life-time! It never goes out of fashion!
And it could be any leather jacket, really, as long as it's good quality and good looking.

3. Burberry Trenchcoat from Schals Collection €750-

Antoher CLASSIC piece!!! it will never go out of fashion... I actually have a ZARA trench coat very similar to this one, it costed me 130 euros at that time (2 years ago) but it's showing a bit of wearing. I guess I can wear it 2-3 years, hopefully 5 years more, and than I'll have time to save and buy the piece! 

4. Louis Vuitton Speed 35 - €550

Such a charm, and very popular, I just don't care, I like this bag and one day I'll get it.. 

5. The Vintage silk scarf - €???

My mother had one of these back in the days, and I got it stuck in my head, I thought it was the chic-est thing in the world! Unfortunately she doesn't have it anymore, so, I'm hunting for a new, Vintage, one :) 

6. Pandora duo-tones Charms - from €59- 
I already have a Pandora bracelet - the silver one, and a few Charms, some originals in silver, but so far no original golden ones. I don't want to buy "similar", "coated" golden ones anymore, because the golden rubs off so easily, and in the end, I spent as much money buying several as if I buy one real one, that will last me forever. 

7. Gold necklace - from €100

Simple like that - a plain gold necklace. I have a couple of jewelry charms I'd like to use more often, but the gold chain I have is a bit too "chunky". I just wanted something really plain gold, really thin and delicate, so I could use my charms again.

8. Samsung Galaxy S II Mobile 

A mobile is nowadays necessary! And why not combine it into your MP3 player, stay connected, update with friends and favorite websites, organizer and entertainment in the boring commuting hours...My mobile has completely died yesterday, it doesn't turn on. I'm very SAD. It is a HTC HD2 that I had the bad luck of having it 5 times replaced, due to mal-function!!! I hate this mobile, and I want something that I can relay on. My husband has the Samsung, and I'm totally jealous :(  I wish my mobile could be reliable as the Samsung is, but it is NOT. The Samsung is itself still very expensive, but if you buy it with a contract, you actually get it almost for free. Pitty my current contract runs until July next year, I have to wait til then so I can sign a new one... 

9.PAJAMAS/PIJAMAS - from €19,99


It sounds ridiculous, but I have only 1 Pajama! and in the cold days, pi/pajamas are so necessary in Germany!! Need to get at least 2 more! Spotted these two at Hunkemöller and C&A! 

10. More Trips and less non-sense

I may have written here a couple of times the word necessary, and I want, I wish, I need, and so on, but the reality is: Everything in this list is totally UNNECESSARY. I could live my whole life without them and without going depressive or sad, because these things don't define myself. It would be lovely to have one of the above itens (OK the PIJAMAS are kinda BASIC now..) or all of them if I were lucky, but honestly, I'd rather see more the world while I'm young, strong and childless. 

I'd like to travel more, to buy less impulsive cute little things, to help more people, to show more love for things I already have and less consume. In fact, I have too much. I'm not saying I'm gonna turn into a hippie or donate everything and live with a trouser and a T-shirt, but next year I really want to have more care and plan better. I'd like to go to Asia, to do a master in Energy Efficiency in Architecture, go more often to my own home country and everything costs, and those are more important to me than clothes and bags.

In the end, the 10th item is the most important! But I will try to pursue my internal shopping peace and the next items in a near future, who knows? 

Do you have an Ultimative Wishlist as well? Any special wishes for Christmas? 


16 November 2011

It's official. I have 85 lipsticks.


That's it. I have 85 lipsticks, most unloved and some unused. Shame on me. And I'm not even sure if I have everything here, my I tried my best to bring everything together. 
My oldest lipstick is 3 years old, and at that time I had ONLY 3 lipsticks. SHOCKING. 
Made a promise: I'll only buy a new lipstick when I finish 5 ones from my collection.  

Five must go.

The first row is my favorites: Natural Nudes, "my lips but better"shades. You can see the bullets are a bit shorter for these lipsticks, they are the most loved ones.

Second row is for Nudes: Darling from Gosh and Creme Nude from Mac are my lightest shades.

Third row is for Browns. Really unloved ones here. 

Fourth row is for Light Coral / Peach shades, most with Pearl or Shimmer. I have unbelievably many ones in this colour selection, although I don't really like them on me so much. The Pearl/Shimmer effect bothers me a lot, I guess. 

Fifth row is for light pink lipsticks with shimmer. They are very difficult to work with my skin tone. 

Sixth row is Strong Coral/Orange babies. I use them quite often in the summer, but this fall, I have been using the orange ones as well.

Seventh row is for Reds: the yellow undertone ones suit me better! 

Eighth row is a strange lavender/purple selection - really don't know how I could have so many...5!

Last but not least: The Pinkies and Berries

How many lipsticks do you have???

*Update - found one in my bag, so it's 85, not 84 :P                                                         

15 November 2011

Microdermabrasion and Wishlist!

Last week I had a Microdermabrasion treatment done at a beauty clinic and it loved it! But what is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a facial treatment which consists of an intense physical peeling session, usually done by a professional beautician/esthetician in a beauty clinic, that removes a thin superficial layer of skin by abrasion. The treatment is done by an equipment that looks a like a pencil, attached to a machine that will create a light suction and the at the tip of this pencil, when in contact your your skin, it will create an intensive flow of micro crystals or micro diamond particles. Those particles will be tossed onto your skin and lift the dead cells and superficial skin layers.  
The Machine
Now you ask, what is Microdermabrasion good for? Well, my main problem is, at the moment, acne scars - many mini, physical and dark colored acne scars - and everybody know I try everything on earth - scrubs, gel peeling, corrector serums,  chemical peelings, etc - to make my scars go away, but they seem to fight for their right to party on my face, so I decided to go for the extra mile.

The opportunity to try it out - not for the first time - came with a Groupon offer of 3 MD treatments from 200 euros for 59. Considering the amount of money I spend with creams and acids, I thought I wouldn’t hurt to give it a try and find out if my skin need this bit extra of help.

Microdermabrasion is also great for reducing fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration in general, reduce large pores and all the good stuff. It basically makes the surface of skin smoother, therefore younger looking. And I’m also totally in for less pores and fine lines reducing! It was a WIN Groupon.

First, the beautician prepares you for the peeling, starting with cleansing, to remove impurities and eventual makeup from face, neck and chest. Next she used Ultrasound massage pads to help the lower skin tissues be adjusted and deep oil break-up. This was a vibrating relaxing moment :)

Then after 20 minutes preparation, the exfoliation starts. She will use the pencil all over your face and neck, eventual chest, with adjusted crystal flow intensity and you feel like she’s scrubbing a small stone onto your skin. I have a very high pain threshold so I asked to super intense and it was ok, but you might check out first. After some minutes I even got a bit asleep :D

Mask face
With Dermatologica Professional Products
 After another 15-20 minutes intensive exfoliation, you do feel your skin rough and thin, but the professional get it back in track with a gentle moisturising mask - mine was something with passion fruit, so yummy - for about 15 minutes and finishes off rinsing it off and applying sun screen, although it was 6 pm already. She said it’s very important not to go tanning for 3 days at least after the treatment and always use sun protection at all times, even at night and plenty of moisturiser. You are exposing a very thin and delicate layer of skin for a couple of days and it need to be protected against permanent sun damages and pollution. I do use sun screen SPF 45 and moisturiser normally, so I didn’t need to take the extra care, like everybody shouldn’t either, because that’s what we should do everyday, after or not a microdermabrasion treatment!

I could see little improvement after 2 treatments, but the esthetician said that clearly apparent or drastic results are to be seen after 6 - 8 treatments. After all, the improvement I got in 2 sessions in 3 weeks came much faster than using scrubs and cream peelings in the same amount of time. My skin was SO SOFT and the pores a bit tighter. I’m not sure if reduced scars, but I think eventually this treatment would make them less visible, at least. I’d totally recommend this treat as a mild way to achieve better looking skin, without the harshness of lasers and strong chemical peeling, that can make your skin flake badly, and VERY sensitive. I’ve seen people during laser treatments and GOSH, much had a whole layer of skin peeling at once, like an Croissant Pastry. Definitely faster treatment, but totally not social friendly.

But pay attention! You do get some little harsh spots on your face, like little scratches and little red spots, but totally “coverable” with a tinted moisturiser! At the end, because they were a Dermatologica Salon, I bought a Trial set of the Dermatologica Daily Microfoliant and Washing Gel and might give you my thoughts later on.

The treatment costs normally 89 euros per session (it can vary from location and demand, that’s just what it costs at MY clinic) and buying more sessions as a pack gets cheaper, but still an expensive luxury treatment. At the moment I have my eyes on the PORTABLE PMD Personal Microdermabrasion System, retailing for 179 Dollars the basic set. This little machine promises comparable results to a professionally MD, and it saves you a lot of money! As you see, the price for a Kit is the same as less then 2 sessions! I have high hopes for it and It’s definitely in my Wishlist!
Have you had Microdermabrasion done professionally before?  Do you own any microdermabrasion machines or products?


08 November 2011

Show and Tell: MNY

I decided to do a Show and Tell series to show you some cosmetic brands that deserve some share the love, mainly because I like them a lot. I’m not being paid to write about them by any means, I’m just genuinely in love with the products and I own a large quantity of them.

Today is MNY day! MNY is an affordable “sub-brand” from Maybelline and stands for “Maybelline New York” - dooohhh lol - e the products cost between 1 euro and 7 euros, as far as I have seen, and it’s targeted to young people. They have frequent “collection” changes, in order to follow the trends e sometimes they come up with new types of products as well.

This is everything* I own 
Everything - but I forgot a blusher!!
Most of the items (more than the half) I bought for 1 euro! Because they change product shades a lot, they often have a “1 euro basket” for items from “past collections”. All of the items are perfectly fine, no defect product, and you can get a great deal from those little magic baskets.

The eyeshadows are “Hit and Miss” - not all of them are super pigmented, but for 1 to 3 euros, most of them are of a superior performance and very pretty. I’d risk some are considerable Dupes for high-end high price tag cosmetics. They don’t have names, only numbers, and so far I couldn’t detect any type of “coding” - means, they are just plain numbers.

I’m pretty happy with the shadows I got. The brown shadow in the right picture below, on the very lower right corner is my biggest disappointment - I had high hopes for it, but it doesn't swatch very well, I really need to scrap the powder to get some pigment on skin. You can also see the "1 Euro" tag on a brand new shadow a recently bought :

My favourite is the third swatch from the right
My favourite! Similar to Woodwinked from MAC

The blushes are my favorites! The 4* shades I own are amazing pigmented and stays in place the whole they. My favorite of them is the light golden shimmery, coral-pink blush, which works as blusher and highlight at once and gives the skin pretty glow, without chunky glitters or patchy blending.

Favourite Blush!
First swatch from Top is favourite! 

The lipglosses are ALWAYS in my bags, pockets and on my makeup vanity, and I use them all the time (actually, they should be my favorite...). They aren’t gloppy or sticky, which is a massive thumbs for me, very moisturising indeed, but the colour is transparent. Don’t expect it to be an opaque colour layer! It has a lot of fine shimmer, that doesn’t bother me at all, I like my lips to be a bit sparkling :) and they taste good :P

 Lip-cheek stains is also there to impress, and they offer good performance for standard 1,50 euros price tag. The Bronzer is a tricky product - it’s a beautiful shade, the gel-based products blends very well on skin but it has a lot of shimmer! I mainly use a TINY bitty to darken foundations and for body.

Last but not least, the nail polish selection is always very interesting and very up-to-date, but the quality is standard, and the price is totally fine for what you get. I’d recommend them for those who want to buy a crazy colour, but don’t want to pay much for it or expect it will last on nails for 5 days without chipping. It’s good for a night out or fun weekend nail outfits :) 
MNY products can be found at DM Drugstores in Germany

Do you know this brand? Do you own anything from this brand?