27 November 2011

I'm a Material Girl : Ultimate Extended Wishlist and the 10th item!

Hey gorgeous people, how are you doing? I've been MIA but I'm back, last week at work was tough and I'm trying to get back into the blog routine. 

Today I'm here to share my Ultimate Extended Wishlist! Christmas is coming soon and it's the time of the year to splurge. I actually mentioned a Wishlist in my Microdermabrasion post, but it was only a list in my head, and I decided to make it written and visual - I can get a bit more focused in the next years and help beloved ones to choose something that I actually want. So with no more ado, here it is: 

Attention! Expensive Pieces below! 

1. PMD Microdermabrasion Set - US $179 http://personalmicroderm.com/

Right now they are offering 20% off with the code PMDBFCM20 for Black Friday Sale, until Monday, the 28th November! This saves you 35 Dollars, so don't miss out this opportunity!!! I guess, this item will be crossed out from my list in a couple of hours! 

2. Black Leather Jacket  €150-250 average

This is such a basic staple piece in your wardrobe, yet I don't have it! Although I have a few faux leather jackets in Tan and Grey-Olive, I'm always creating outfits in which a BLACK leather jacket would be just perfect! A real leather Jacket costs a lot, but also would last you a life-time! It never goes out of fashion!
And it could be any leather jacket, really, as long as it's good quality and good looking.

3. Burberry Trenchcoat from Schals Collection €750-

Antoher CLASSIC piece!!! it will never go out of fashion... I actually have a ZARA trench coat very similar to this one, it costed me 130 euros at that time (2 years ago) but it's showing a bit of wearing. I guess I can wear it 2-3 years, hopefully 5 years more, and than I'll have time to save and buy the piece! 

4. Louis Vuitton Speed 35 - €550

Such a charm, and very popular, I just don't care, I like this bag and one day I'll get it.. 

5. The Vintage silk scarf - €???

My mother had one of these back in the days, and I got it stuck in my head, I thought it was the chic-est thing in the world! Unfortunately she doesn't have it anymore, so, I'm hunting for a new, Vintage, one :) 

6. Pandora duo-tones Charms - from €59- 
I already have a Pandora bracelet - the silver one, and a few Charms, some originals in silver, but so far no original golden ones. I don't want to buy "similar", "coated" golden ones anymore, because the golden rubs off so easily, and in the end, I spent as much money buying several as if I buy one real one, that will last me forever. 

7. Gold necklace - from €100

Simple like that - a plain gold necklace. I have a couple of jewelry charms I'd like to use more often, but the gold chain I have is a bit too "chunky". I just wanted something really plain gold, really thin and delicate, so I could use my charms again.

8. Samsung Galaxy S II Mobile 

A mobile is nowadays necessary! And why not combine it into your MP3 player, stay connected, update with friends and favorite websites, organizer and entertainment in the boring commuting hours...My mobile has completely died yesterday, it doesn't turn on. I'm very SAD. It is a HTC HD2 that I had the bad luck of having it 5 times replaced, due to mal-function!!! I hate this mobile, and I want something that I can relay on. My husband has the Samsung, and I'm totally jealous :(  I wish my mobile could be reliable as the Samsung is, but it is NOT. The Samsung is itself still very expensive, but if you buy it with a contract, you actually get it almost for free. Pitty my current contract runs until July next year, I have to wait til then so I can sign a new one... 

9.PAJAMAS/PIJAMAS - from €19,99


It sounds ridiculous, but I have only 1 Pajama! and in the cold days, pi/pajamas are so necessary in Germany!! Need to get at least 2 more! Spotted these two at Hunkemöller and C&A! 

10. More Trips and less non-sense

I may have written here a couple of times the word necessary, and I want, I wish, I need, and so on, but the reality is: Everything in this list is totally UNNECESSARY. I could live my whole life without them and without going depressive or sad, because these things don't define myself. It would be lovely to have one of the above itens (OK the PIJAMAS are kinda BASIC now..) or all of them if I were lucky, but honestly, I'd rather see more the world while I'm young, strong and childless. 

I'd like to travel more, to buy less impulsive cute little things, to help more people, to show more love for things I already have and less consume. In fact, I have too much. I'm not saying I'm gonna turn into a hippie or donate everything and live with a trouser and a T-shirt, but next year I really want to have more care and plan better. I'd like to go to Asia, to do a master in Energy Efficiency in Architecture, go more often to my own home country and everything costs, and those are more important to me than clothes and bags.

In the end, the 10th item is the most important! But I will try to pursue my internal shopping peace and the next items in a near future, who knows? 

Do you have an Ultimative Wishlist as well? Any special wishes for Christmas? 



  1. love your wish list. thinking of doing another wish list you've inspired me to do. ;D


  2. @Ruvic: Oh, do it! I'd love to see your most wanted items! In fact, I just ordered the PMD thing! I'm thrilled! x x

  3. I´ll take everything from your list, please :) Especially that Burberry coat :)

    Happy Tuesday from your new follower :)

    xx Ivana

    Stop by sometimes :)
    Style in the City