16 November 2011

It's official. I have 85 lipsticks.


That's it. I have 85 lipsticks, most unloved and some unused. Shame on me. And I'm not even sure if I have everything here, my I tried my best to bring everything together. 
My oldest lipstick is 3 years old, and at that time I had ONLY 3 lipsticks. SHOCKING. 
Made a promise: I'll only buy a new lipstick when I finish 5 ones from my collection.  

Five must go.

The first row is my favorites: Natural Nudes, "my lips but better"shades. You can see the bullets are a bit shorter for these lipsticks, they are the most loved ones.

Second row is for Nudes: Darling from Gosh and Creme Nude from Mac are my lightest shades.

Third row is for Browns. Really unloved ones here. 

Fourth row is for Light Coral / Peach shades, most with Pearl or Shimmer. I have unbelievably many ones in this colour selection, although I don't really like them on me so much. The Pearl/Shimmer effect bothers me a lot, I guess. 

Fifth row is for light pink lipsticks with shimmer. They are very difficult to work with my skin tone. 

Sixth row is Strong Coral/Orange babies. I use them quite often in the summer, but this fall, I have been using the orange ones as well.

Seventh row is for Reds: the yellow undertone ones suit me better! 

Eighth row is a strange lavender/purple selection - really don't know how I could have so many...5!

Last but not least: The Pinkies and Berries

How many lipsticks do you have???

*Update - found one in my bag, so it's 85, not 84 :P                                                         


  1. unbelievable lipstick collection! i see it and still can't believe it. lol. i tend to buy lipstick sometimes that looks nice in the store but when i get it home, no, lipstick needs to go back but have no way to cause the stores here don't do refunds or exchange especially with make-up products.

    sometimes it only takes a little getting use to, maybe you just need to get use to the look of some of the lipsticks you own on you. maybe give them a second change. you really have a nice collection of colors.


  2. WOW that's a lot of lipstick! x