29 November 2011

Question: NeoStrata Cosmetics??!!

This is probably very random, BUT,

Do you know a cosmetic brand called NeoStrata? Am I missing out something? 

Today I received a newsletter from a trustyworthy Ebay Seller with the new products available and they featured a lot of NeoStrata products,  like AHA Peelings, Skin Correctors and Regenerators... I was automatically caught by them so I googled their website, and apparently, they are really big in the U.S. and Australia, one product "won" Best Beauty Buy from InStyle Magazine and they are over 75 countries.  I can't even believe never head of it before!

Well, researching a bit about some products, I found out they have a OK performance, but couldn't find anything really Miraculous. So I want to hear from you!

Have you heard of this brand? Have you used any products from NeoStrata? 

I'm kind of curious, But I want to get a bit more ground to give it a try. 
I'd love to hear you! Your comments make my day! 


1 comment:

  1. Wow I have never heard of the brand. I'm always looking for great facial products and peels though!