08 November 2011

Show and Tell: MNY

I decided to do a Show and Tell series to show you some cosmetic brands that deserve some share the love, mainly because I like them a lot. I’m not being paid to write about them by any means, I’m just genuinely in love with the products and I own a large quantity of them.

Today is MNY day! MNY is an affordable “sub-brand” from Maybelline and stands for “Maybelline New York” - dooohhh lol - e the products cost between 1 euro and 7 euros, as far as I have seen, and it’s targeted to young people. They have frequent “collection” changes, in order to follow the trends e sometimes they come up with new types of products as well.

This is everything* I own 
Everything - but I forgot a blusher!!
Most of the items (more than the half) I bought for 1 euro! Because they change product shades a lot, they often have a “1 euro basket” for items from “past collections”. All of the items are perfectly fine, no defect product, and you can get a great deal from those little magic baskets.

The eyeshadows are “Hit and Miss” - not all of them are super pigmented, but for 1 to 3 euros, most of them are of a superior performance and very pretty. I’d risk some are considerable Dupes for high-end high price tag cosmetics. They don’t have names, only numbers, and so far I couldn’t detect any type of “coding” - means, they are just plain numbers.

I’m pretty happy with the shadows I got. The brown shadow in the right picture below, on the very lower right corner is my biggest disappointment - I had high hopes for it, but it doesn't swatch very well, I really need to scrap the powder to get some pigment on skin. You can also see the "1 Euro" tag on a brand new shadow a recently bought :

My favourite is the third swatch from the right
My favourite! Similar to Woodwinked from MAC

The blushes are my favorites! The 4* shades I own are amazing pigmented and stays in place the whole they. My favorite of them is the light golden shimmery, coral-pink blush, which works as blusher and highlight at once and gives the skin pretty glow, without chunky glitters or patchy blending.

Favourite Blush!
First swatch from Top is favourite! 

The lipglosses are ALWAYS in my bags, pockets and on my makeup vanity, and I use them all the time (actually, they should be my favorite...). They aren’t gloppy or sticky, which is a massive thumbs for me, very moisturising indeed, but the colour is transparent. Don’t expect it to be an opaque colour layer! It has a lot of fine shimmer, that doesn’t bother me at all, I like my lips to be a bit sparkling :) and they taste good :P

 Lip-cheek stains is also there to impress, and they offer good performance for standard 1,50 euros price tag. The Bronzer is a tricky product - it’s a beautiful shade, the gel-based products blends very well on skin but it has a lot of shimmer! I mainly use a TINY bitty to darken foundations and for body.

Last but not least, the nail polish selection is always very interesting and very up-to-date, but the quality is standard, and the price is totally fine for what you get. I’d recommend them for those who want to buy a crazy colour, but don’t want to pay much for it or expect it will last on nails for 5 days without chipping. It’s good for a night out or fun weekend nail outfits :) 
MNY products can be found at DM Drugstores in Germany

Do you know this brand? Do you own anything from this brand? 



  1. I didn't know that they had a sub-brand like this but it looks really cool! The packaging is adorable too!

  2. Ah wow, great post idea and great post. I dont own any of these items but now I want to!! xx