06 November 2011

Versace for H&M collection - My Picks

The swedish store-chain H&M teamed up with Versace to bring a “pop” collection to us, and I must confess I’m excited! Last week they revealed on the H&M website and in the press the whole collection and these are my picks!

Black Pencil Dress 129 Euros

Sandal - 99 Euros

Leather Jacket  with golden details - 199 Euros

Ring 19,95 Euros
Images from website hm.de

I think from all items, my favorite has to be the Little Black Dress - it is a good classic cut, and the buttons add a little something to it, and it’s a Versace in the end, it must have a bit glamour! The most affordable item is the ring, which I plan to get, if there is any left in store in the evening.

I foresee a huge queue or running to the stores on 17th November, day of the collection Launch and I don’t know if I can actually pick something, depends on time and money - I’ll be working on the day and I need to save money for greater things that came up earlier this year, but who knows??? Maybe I get lucky and buy the LBD or the shoes in the end, or even the leather jacket! I doubt I can buy everything - it is a shopping spree of 450 euros.

What do you think of this collection? Do have any picks? Looking foward to it or passing?


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  1. I WISH I had am H&M close to me! That leather jacket is fabulous!