04 December 2011

Winter Ready Haul at H&M

I went to H&M hopeful that I would find something from the Versace Collection, but no, nothing was left, so I kinda decided to get Winter Proof and got some awesome stuff at H&M

Starting with the most interesting piece - a Kimono inspired Cardigan/Blazer/Thing. 
It has a BEAUTIFUL floral pattern, the fabric is Silk-ish lookign and feeling but actually it's 51% recycled Polyester, and I thought it was a great idea, and very good looking. However, I'm not really sure how to wear it in the winter, looks a bit springy too me. 

Got a great deal on a basic little black dress, Shift style. knee length, from 39,00 for 20,00 ;) Good times

I couldn't resist this Cardigan! It screams Christmas, 60's and a bit of cheesy. I'm so wearing it in December.

And finally, accessories! 

A Gorgeous and extremely comfy pair of booties - the black material reminds me of Neoprene! But I think it's a type of faux Suede and the sole looks quite Ok for the snowy days.. 
A Berret in Beige - It was reduced to 3 euros and it goes basically with everything! 
A pair of leather gloves with fluffy inside - thin, warm and soft - a winter dream!
Another reduced hat in Red with a a little bow for the girlie cold days
and a Massive Striped Scarf, big warm, wearing it tomorrow!

I was very pleased with this shopping spree and I'm sure I will use them a lot this winter! Actually they look quite good together, I might get them in a outfit tomorrow. 

Any good winter shopping?